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State Disbursement Unit

State Disbursement Unit Contact Numbers

Toll Free: (877) 225-7077
Phone: (630) 681-2488
Fax: (630) 786-3707

Website -

You will need to provide the following information for the SDU to locate your case.

  • Names of custodial and non-custodial parents.
  • Case Number
  • Your Social Security Number


Electronic Fund Transfer

We do not process electronic fund transfers or direct deposits through the courthouse at this time. If you want this service, your child support payment will need to go through the State Disbursement Unit in Wheaton, IL, see above, and they can automatically transfer the funds. We have the form to set EFT or Direct Deposit up in our office or you can contact Wheaton at one of the above numbers.

We can provide you the form to setup Electronic Fund Transfer or Direct Deposit if you contact our office, or you can contact the State Disbursement Unit at one of the above numbers.


Illinois Department of Public Aid

If you are receiving or have received any assistance from Public Aid, the following may be helpful:

  • If you need to petition the court to modify your order, we will need to send the petition to the Assistant Attorney General's office to set it for hearing.
  • When we receive your money and public aid is owed money for back services, the check will be sent to IDPA for them to retain a portion for what they are owed.
  • Sometimes Public Aid is not involved at the time child support is determined. Later, the custodial parent begins receiving services from IDPA. At this time, IDPA will notify each party, including the Circuit Clerks office, that they are intervening in the case. You will recieve this notice in the mail.

Public Aid Contact Numbers

Toll Free: (877) 311-5237
Phone: (217) 785-3456


Change in Status

Please notify the Circuit Clerk's office and/or the State Disbursement Unit immediately of any changes you may have. If you need to change your address or any information regarding your case, the change in status form, located at the Circuit Clerk's office, should be filled out and mailed or delivered to our office. If your check goes through the SDU, we will notify them, or you can call them directly to notfiy them of any changes. This is very important because if we do not receive an address change, your check could be delayed.

Circuit Clerk Office Address

      Logan County Circuit Clerk
      601 Broadway St.
      P.O. Box 158
      Lincoln, IL 62656

Please be aware that pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 924, the Court requires both parents in any case in which custody or visitation is an issue to attend and complete a four-hour parent education course. Click here for Parent Education Class information.