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Logan County Road System


Logan County has adopted a grid identification system for its roadway network. The original identification system used a suffix of "E" or "N" to describe the approximate distance of the road from the west and south county lines, respectively. The system has been improved to provide 9-1-1 addressing in the county. The suffix "E" has been changed to "AVENUE". The suffix "N" has been changed to "STREET". Rural Reference signs have been erected at every intersection in the county showing these STREET's and AVENUE's.

For a paper copy of this map, please contact our office.


Road Jurisdiction and Maintenance

The jurisdiction and maintenance of local roads can be confusing. By using the County Map, determining the jurisdiction of a roadway can be much easier.

STATE maintained highways are shown in bold black on the map. These roads are usually designated with signs which include:

  • a white square with the Route number,
  • a red and blue shield with the Interstate number, or
  • a green and white shield with the Interstate business loop number

Not all State maintained highways are designated with signs. Examples include Old Route 66, Old Route 121, and various spur routes near municipalities. Questions regarding state highways should be directed to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

COUNTY Highways are shown in red on the map. These roads are under the jurisdiction of the Logan County Highway Department. County Highways are designated with the five-sided blue sign showing the County Highway number. These numbers are also shown on the map.

Other roads shown in black on the map are TOWNSHIP roads. These roads are under the jurisdiction of the Township Road District and are administered by the respective Township Highway Commissioner. A list of commissioners can be found on this website.

Other roads within the limits of a city or village are under the jurisdiction of that municipality. Questions regarding CITY streets should be directed to the appropriate municipal office.


For additional mapping capabilities, please visit Logan County’s GIS website and the internet mapping application.