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For a map of other current and upcoming construction projects on our local roads, please click here:



Logan County Hwy Dept is accepting applications for a mechanic/road maintenance position.  Duties will include the repair and maintenance of equipment needed to keep the County Highway system in good repair.  Applicants must be trustworthy and self-motivated.  Successful candidates will have good communications skills and be able to work with limited supervision.  Applicants should have a background in construction and experience working with others to accomplish assigned tasks.

Preferred qualifications include training and experience with the repair and maintenance of trucks and heavy machinery.  Applicants should be familiar with hydraulics, electrical systems, and diesel/gas/small engines. 

Preferred experience also includes the operation of tandem axle trucks and various construction equipment.  Experience with operating truck-mounted snowplows is also preferred. 

Class B CDL with air brake endorsement is required within first 6 months of employment.  Residence in Logan County is required.  E.O.E.

Applications and full job descriptions are available at 529 S. McLean Street, Lincoln, Illinois.  (217) 732-3059



The Logan County Highway Department is continuing to develop roadway improvements for the 5th Street Road corridor.  Six miles of the roadway between 100th and 700th Avenues are in the final stages of utility negotiation and relocation efforts.  Construction on that section should begin in 2023.

Another 2.4 miles of the corridor are currently being designed.  This section extends from 700th Avenue to the I-55 bridge near the City of Lincoln.  This section also includes the curves near Kickapoo Creek.

These curves have a long history of vehicle accidents and most crashes are concentrated at the curves west of the Kickapoo Creek bridge.  The curves do not meet current design standards.  Vehicles travelling 5th Street Road are not able to drive through the curves at a consistent speed.  Many of the accidents are considered roadway departures which often result in serious injuries.  Logan County was able to identify this as a safety issue and submitted an application to IDOT’s Highway Safety Improvement Program.  This is a competitive program throughout the State of Illinois to achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries. 

Logan County was recently selected to receive $840,236 of these safety funds to re-align the 5th Street curves west of Kickapoo Creek.  Re-alignment of these curves will be completed as part of the 2.4 mile roadway improvement project.  It is our goal that this project will increase the level of safety for all users and reduce the number of serious accidents on our local road system. 

Construction of 5th Street Road between 700th Avenue and the I-55 bridge is currently planned for 2026.



March, 2020 - For a long time, Logan County has been discussing the need for a road improvement project on 1550th Street, west of Lincoln.  The road is commonly referred to as 5th Street Road.  Six miles of this long-awaited project is expected to become reality within the next few years.

Design work began in 1996 on the rural section of 5th Street Road.  Since then, the County has continued to make slow, but steady progress on the project.  Unfortunately, the cost of construction has not allowed for the project to move forward.

The County has focused on the western portion of 5th Street Road, between 700th and 100th Avenues.  Design engineering began in the late 1990’s.  Some of the culverts were replaced in 2009 using federal Highway Safety Improvement Program funds, but the remainder of the roadway still needs to be upgraded.  In recent years, the Sugar Creek wind farm has been interested in the area.  The 5th Street Road corridor is the logical route for most of their construction traffic.

In early 2019, Logan County negotiated a road use agreement with Liberty Power, the owner of Sugar Creek wind farm. Sheridan and West Lincoln Townships, who currently have jurisdiction of 5th Street Road, also negotiated road use agreements. 

According to those agreements, Sugar Creek wind farm is allowed to use 5th Street Road for their construction activity with only minimal improvements to the road.  The road is currently posted with a 35 mile per hour speed limit for the construction work zone.  With the additional construction traffic, this speed limit should help to reduce the potential for vehicle accidents.  5th Street Road will be closed to through-traffic at various times during the wind farm construction.  Local residents, school buses, emergency services, and mail delivery will still have access.

In lieu of making pre-construction improvements, the developer has paid $2M to Logan County. That funding will be used to supplement the County’s funds to make the construction of the 5th Street Road project possible.

Construction plans have already been developed, and most of the Right-of-Way has been acquired along the 5th Street corridor.  Minor updates will be needed to bring the construction plans up to current standards.  The County Board is continuing to work with Hanson Professional Services to complete that work.  The remaining design work will be done over the next few months while the wind farm is being constructed. 

Construction of the Sugar Creek wind farm will take place through much of 2020. At the end of the wind farm construction, a roadway contractor will begin the work on the 5th Street Road project.  That construction will likely begin in late 2020 and will continue in 2021.  Six miles of roadway will be re-constructed on a new alignment.  The road will have a wider surface, wide shoulders, and new culverts.  Because the roadway will be completely re-constructed, through traffic will not be able to use the road during the project.

The 5th Street Road project has been part of the County’s long-term transportation plan for many years.  With the help of Liberty Power and the Sugar Creek wind farm, the Logan County Board is able to leverage funding from a private developer to help complete this project.  Although traffic will be disrupted during the construction, the County is fortunate to have this opportunity to complete the project.

For more detailed information, please contact the Logan County Highway Department at (217) 732-3059 or at


Sugar Creek Wind Farm

August, 2019 - Initial roadway construction associated with the Sugar Creek wind farm will begin soon. This project has been under development for several years.  It will be located about 5 miles west of Lincoln, between Burton View and New Holland.  All of the construction will be south of Illinois Route 10.  A total of 57 wind turbines are expected to be constructed.

Over 13 miles of roadways will be improved and more than 40 cross-road culverts will be replaced. Approximately $10M of improvements will be made to the local roadways.

Road construction is expected to last into the Fall months. Construction of the tower foundations is expected to take place during late Fall of 2019.  The towers and wind turbines will likely erected in early 2020. 

Occasional road closures will be required over the next few months. Most culvert installations will be completed with a daytime closure.  However, some longer term closures will be needed.  Stabilizing the road bases will require closures that may last up to 1 week. 

Signs and barricades will be erected to warn traffic of these road closures. Local residents will still have access. 

Anyone interested in the most current road closure information can receive daily e-mail updates. To be included on the distribution list, please contact the Logan County Highway Department or White Construction.


Whitney Hill Wind Farm

June, 2019 - Initial roadway construction associated with the Whitney Hill wind farm is underway. This project is a second phase of the HillTopper wind farm located near Mt. Pulaski.  Over 10 miles of roadways will be improved and 31 cross-road culverts will be replaced. Approximately $8M of improvements will be made to the local roadways.  Occasional road closures will be required over the next few months. Most culvert installations will be completed with a daytime closure.  However, some longer term closures will be needed.  Stabilization of the road bases will require closures that may last up to 1 week. Signs will be erected to warn traffic of these road closures, and local residents will still have access. 

For the most current road closure information, please visit the ENEL-North America website at

Construction is expected to last through much of 2019.


HillTopper Wind Farm

May, 2018 - Construction of the HillTopper Wind Farm is underway.  The project will involve more than 30 miles of County and Township roads.  Over 9 miles of County Highways will be resurfaced with Hot-Mix Asphalt.  Many of the roads will be strengthened with a cement treated base.  Various road closures will be needed to perform this work.  The project developer has agreed to provide information on their website regarding the road closures.  For the latest information, please visit and scroll down to the information on the HillTopper project. 


Guardrail Funding

July 19, 2018 - The Logan County Highway Department has been awarded up to $1,000,000 from IDOT’s Highway Safety Improvement Program. The funding will be used to replace guardrail and terminals along various County Highways in Logan County.    Construction will be planned for 2020.

Safety standards for guardrail has changed over the years. Most of the bridges on Logan County Highways were built before current safety standards were in place.  68% of the existing rail sections and terminals are either substandard or damaged.  This funding will help us to replace up to 7,800 feet of guardrail and 146 terminals.

The Highway Safety Improvement Program provides funding to address roadside safety issues without complete reconstruction. These funds are made available to local highway agencies through a competitive application process.  Approximately $15 Million was made available statewide through this IDOT program.

The Logan County Highway Department has been steadily focused on low-cost safety improvements over the years. Road signs have been upgraded for night-time reflectivity, and they are routinely inspected for damage.  Rural reference signs at intersections are being replaced with larger signs that are easier to read.  Roadway shoulders are maintained to reduce drop-offs at the edge of the pavement.  To improve visibility on rural roads, delineator reflectors have been placed along curves and guardrail areas.  These improvements to our County Highway system have been done through routine maintenance at a minimal cost.  And yet, this minor investment can be lifesaving.

For these guardrail improvements, IDOT will provide funding for 90% of the total project cost. Logan County will provide the 10% local match.  Local property tax funds are limited.  By applying for state and federal programs, we are able to leverage our local funds.  We can make significant improvements to the level of safety on our roadways for a fraction of the overall cost.


Bridge Funding

July 5, 2018 -  The Logan County Highway Department has been awarded $857,000 from IDOT’s Major Bridge Program. The funding will be used to repair the Sugar Creek overflow bridge on 100th Avenue located about 1 ½ miles south of New Holland.  Construction will be planned for 2022.

The Major Bridge Program targets deficient highway bridge projects that have replacement costs or rehabilitation costs exceeding $1 Million. This is a discretionary funding program from IDOT.  Local highway agencies submit applications to compete for these funds.  Logan County was fortunate to have been selected to receive funding.  IDOT provides 80% of the total project cost and Logan County will provide the 20% local match.  

The Sugar Creek overflow bridge was built in 1963. After 55 years of service, the bridge has developed some problems.  The deck beams have structural cracks, and there are large areas of deteriorated concrete on the pier caps.  Fortunately, most of the piers and abutments are in good condition and can remain in place. 

The total cost to rehabilitate the bridge is estimated to be $1.2 Million. The awarded funding will cover a large portion of those costs, with the remainder coming from County funds.

The Logan County Highway Department will continue the effort to improve the overall condition of our roads and bridges. With more than 200 bridges, we have a large investment to protect.   Our bridges are getting older, with most being at least 40 years old.  The local funds to repair these bridges are limited.  By applying for state and federal programs, we are able to leverage our local property tax funds and get more projects completed.