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Information related to COVID-19 affecting Logan County IL.

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Below is a table of information on the posted bridges in Logan County.  Please obey all posted weight limit signs.


Road Name Alternate Road Name Feature Crossed Location Single Unit Tandem Axle Unit Multiple Unit
600 Avenue County Hwy 22 Tributary 2.5 miles South of Emden 17 Ton 17 Ton 17 Ton
1000 Street  County Hwy 12 Tributary 4 miles West of Broadwell 15 Ton 15 Ton 15 Ton
2000 Street Skunk Hollow Road  Kickapoo Creek  3 miles North, 0.5 miles East of Lincoln  Closed
2000 Street Skunk Hollow Road Kickapoo Creek 3 miles North, 0.5 miles East of Lincoln 4 Ton 4 Ton 4 Ton
 1950 Street   Tributary  3 miles North, 3 miles East of Lincoln 26 Ton 26 Ton  38 Ton 
2100 Avenue   South Fork 4 mi SW of Latham 22 Ton 22 Ton 29 Ton


Bridge Map

Below is the map of local bridges. If you prefer, you can see a large version here.