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The Zoning Office is responsible for all un-incorporated areas of the County, including Beason, Chestnut, Cornland, Lake Fork, and Lawndale.  For zoning within incorporated areas of the County, please contact the individual jurisdiction for zoning determinations.



The County offers a couple of options for determining zoning on a property.

  1. Use the Zoning District Map Web App.  Choose the appropriate jurisdiction map and click on it to open the map.  Use the “Search By Address” tool located on the upper left corner of the web map and type in the address of the property. The map should locate and zoom to the property.  The map should show an aerial view of the property, and zoning district boundary.  The “information button” will give basic descriptions of the zoning district (A = Agriculture).
  1. Zoning District boundaries can be found on the Logan County GIS Internet Mapping application. To view the zoning maps expand the Districts folder located under the Tax Districts layer and turn on the zoning maps layer by clicking the box next to zoning map layer name. By default, zoning for un-incorporated areas of the County will turn on. Zoning districts for other jurisdictions are also available and to turn them on click the empty box next to their name. Use the “Search By Address” tool located on the upper left corner of the web map and type in the address of the property. The map should locate and zoom to the property.
  1. Use the Township Index Map below and click on the Township. These are PDF maps that show the zoning district, section number, and parcels.  For a more interactive map that shows aerial photography and parcel information, see option #1.


Disclaimer: The following zoning maps are for illustrative purposes only. It is possible that a property has been rezoned but the map has yet to be updated to reflect that change in zoning. For an official determination of the zoning on a property, please contact the Zoning Office.


Prarie Creek Orvil Eminence Atlanta Sheridan West Lincoln Lawndale East Lincoln Beason Oran Corwin Broadwell Chester Chestnut Aetna Hurlbut Cornland Elkhart Lake Fork Mount Pulaski Laenna Lake Fork


Detail Maps


Zoning Districts

  • A Agriculture
  • CH Country Homes
  • SD Special District
  • R-1 Single-Family Residential
  • R-2 Single-Family Residential
  • R-3 Single-Family Residential
  • R-4 Two-Family and Multi-Family Residential
  • B-1 Business District
  • B-2 Business District
  • B-3 Highway Business District
  • M-1 Limited Manufacturing District
  • M-2 General Manufacturing District
  • M-3 Extraction District