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The U.S. Constitution directs a population count of the country be taken every ten years.  2020 is one of those years.  Beginning in mid-March you will receive a Census form in the mail to complete. 

Responding is easy.  This time around, you have the option to not only respond by mail, but online and via your mobile device.  Your personal information is kept confidential by law.

The population totals from the census results determine the number of seats each state will get in the House of Representatives. States also use the totals to redraw their state legislative and school districts.  The population totals also affect funding in our community, and data collected in the census help decision makers know how our community is changing.  Approximately $675 billion in federal funding is distributed to communities each year.  An accurate count informs how billions of dollars in federal funding gets distributed annually for health clinics, area schools, road repairs, and hundreds of other programs.  It is estimated that for every person not counted amounts to a loss of nearly $2000 in government funding to that community.

Both our state and county are projected to decrease in population by 3-5% or more. We need all the numbers we can!  So participate in the upcoming census, and declare, “I count!”